Best teachers, excellent environment with high quality courses.

Steven’s Language Center is a ‘boutique’ school that offers a unique and exclusive learning experience for business people and students who want to study abroad.

About Steven's Language Center

Why Study at Steven's language center?

Our unique school offers unsurpassed quality and highly effective English courses that will help you reach your goals! Whether your aim is to deliver an outstanding presentation or achieve IELTS 7 or TOEFL 100, Steven’s Language Center offers premium service to make it happen.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are highly educated, highly experienced and highly professional. Our business teachers understand the needs of Taiwanese professionals operating in an international business environment. We have IELTS teachers from the UK and our TOEFL teachers come from North America, and each one knows the best tips and techniques to succeed in these tests.

Our Courses

Our course design is based on our extensive experience of Taiwanese students and their particular areas of need.
Each Steven’s Language Center teacher makes uses of a combination of off-the-shelf texts and their own teaching material, which is a contributing factor to the school’s distinctive curriculum.
We provide a clear path to success by identifying which courses you need to reach your personal goals.

Location & Environment

Our school is uniquely located in the heart of Taipei City and equipped with a-state-of-the-art computer study center which is bright, clean and comfortable for you to study here. Additionally, we serve free tea and freshly ground coffee. All in all, we offer a wonderful atmosphere to study English!

English Study Center

Public area for chill out

English Study Center

Well-equipped study center

English Materials

Books for preparing tests

Chill out space

Mini bar for coffee break