Grammar and Vocabulary Course

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Grammar and Vocabulary Course

This course teaches essential English grammar and vocabulary. People who take this course are generally:

  • People who wish to improve their general English.
  • Students who need extra practice for their IELTS, TOEFL or SAT course.
  • Students who are not ready for an IELTS, TOEFL or SAT course
  • People who enjoy learning English

Grammar and Vocabulary Course Outline

This course teaches essential English grammar and vocabulary. Examples of the language covered are given below:



• Verb tenses
• There and it
• Comparatives and superlatives


• Pronunciation
• Cambridge Vocabulary
• General Service List



• Parts of speech
• Articles
• Auxiilary verbs


• Suffixes and prefixes
• synonyms
• Academic Word List

Steven's Grammar & Vocabulary Courses

The course is composed of selected materials, both off-the-shelf and custom made by Steven’s Language Center

professional authors. Both courses consist of 16, twice weekly 3-hour lessons and last for 8 weeks. Each course integrates the key grammar and vocabulary. Every class has substantial homework and short, in-class tests. Our teachers are on hand to answer all your questions and provide clear and accurate explanations for any answers that you need.

Steven’s Language Center offers three levels of grammar and vocabulary courses, each targeting a different level of English.