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Steven's Language Center offers premium services to help you achieve IELTS 7 or TOEFL 100.

What We Do

Steven’s Language Center is a ’boutique’ training center and agency that offers unique and exclusive services.

Our trainers are specialists in their chosen field: they have years of experience and can teach correct grammar. We offer a superior quality of education and have sent hundreds of students to top foreign universities. Our business English division also surpasses the competition and trains workers for success. Tell us about your dreams and we will help you make them come true.

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Steven's Language Center

Steven’s language center offers flexible services to fit the diverse needs and lifestyles of the modern Taipei citizen. To meet those needs, the center is open seven days a week and courses can be taught either on-site or off-site. The relaxing atmosphere in our study center allows you to study in peace and quiet. Our school is equipped with state-of-the-art computers for you to work online. Our trainers have worked with executives and managers from the following companies:

Jack Chu